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Richard Smith Interviews

  • Richard Smith is one of Frank's associates having worked for JASCO and contributed to his yearbooks. Below is an interview I conducted with Richard about his experiences working for JASCO and more specifically his relationship with Frank Zaic. Richard's account provides a fascinating look into Frank Zaic and the evolution of JASCO from a labor of love for Frank to a profitable enterprise run by his sister Christine. As Richard readily admits - these are his recollections - he doesn't claim to be the authoritative source on Frank Zaic. Just one mans account of what it was like to be around Frank back in the day...

The Tony Condon Project - Hall Cherokee II

  • Tony Condon is our Factory Rep for the Hall Cherokee II. He writes about all things Cherokee including photos, flight reports, a repository of known flying Cherokees, rebuilds, etc. Click below to read.


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I wanna build a Beta



I am a 35 year RC builder who has built professionally, as well as built for published reviews.

I have been published in RCEzine, and am currently a Moderator at

My current schedule is wide open, and I could perform a very professional review for you.

I could commit to build the Thermic 50 or 70, and compose a build log, but video is not available to me.

Hi! If living in Israel is not an obstacle distance-wise, I'd be more than happy to beta build the Thermic 50 or 70. I am fairly used to creating build logs as most of my builds have been documented on RCGroups and/or my website.

He empezado a construir desde 1953 en la Escuela de Aeromodelismo de Pontevedra (Spain)de la que he sido instructor puedo construir cualquier tipo de avión, soy Ingeniero Tecnico jubilado, sigo activo en el hobby y compitiendo en grandes maquetas de veleros y F3b, F3f pero lo que más me gusta es construir aviones de vuelo a vela antiguos en madera domino cualquier tipo de tecnica, he construido en tamaño real y pilotado el avión Aircamper Pietenpol

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